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I just traveled to the King of Prussia store, and learned that IF you are in your 14 day return period, bring in your iPhone and receipt, and they will refund the difference of $200.

What was I doing at the Apple store you may ask…I don’t know…. 🙂


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Apple, has shook things up!!!

Today they announced new iPods, Nanos and the brand new iPod Tocuh!!!


Starting at $299 for 4gb, and $399 for 8Gb. It has everything the iPhone has except, no phone, and no camera. Other then that, it’s sweet!!!!

Also, in other huge news, they lowered the price of the iPhone to $399 for 8GB!! Wow, $200 drop in two months. I want to know if the 4gb is now $299??? They didn’t mention that.

Way to go Apple!!!

 EDIT:  Yes, I just confirmed, the 4GB is $299! Once their gone, their gone for good!

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My vacation is officially over. I don’t want it to be, but I can’t control time, so it has ended. It was a fun filled vacation and much better then last year.

I and the wife, traveled to Woodloch, PA for a family vacation. Upon arriving we were met with a Spaghetti dinner, and a night with her family.

Woodloch is a mountainous, outdoors place with plenty of activities. They had hiking, go carts, bumper cars, batting cages, horse shoes, shuffle board, skeet shotting, and many more.

We did everything we could do, and I loved every minute. We also attended two nightly shows. The first was a fun filled horse racing night for adults and kids. Real horses weren’t racing.  A man would roll dice, to see which horse would win the race. We had so much fun, and my wife hit two out of three races.

The second show, consisted of music from around the world. I was a bit bored, but others looked like they enjoyed it.

But my all time favorite is when we took a trip to the waterfalls. I think I snapped some amazing pictures. Me and the wife will return one day, as it was a amazing experience.

Here are photos from the trip:


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Test from iGoogle Post

One reason why I returned the iPhone was due to not being able to post from WordPress. When I tried with the iPhone, it would not pop up the keyboard and let me select the WordPress text box. So this would be really cool, if this worked from iGoogle.

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I still miss my iPhone, I really do. But one thing I couldn’t figure out was, how to carry the head phones with the iPhone. Since it was an awesome iPod, you needed headphones to go with it. However, when you wrap the headphones around the iPhone, it was a pain to deal with. To use the device meant, unwrapping the iPhone even if I didn’t want to listen to music.

I started to put the iPhone in my one pocket, and the headphones in the other. However, there were some nights I would forget to take out the headphones.

So how do you carry your headphones with your Apple iPhone?

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Why I Returned the iPhone

Frank Ctitanic(aka..Mr. NEWLY MVP) asked why I returned the iPhone.

I bought it with the intention to keep it. I don’t own a cell phone. All the PDAs I ever used were used as PDAs. I didn’t really ever want a cell phone.

When the iPhone came out, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it or keep it. But after spending about 45 minutes with one, I really enjoyed it. The text typing was awesome, and I didn’t think it would be.

I bought one, and was loving it. But AT&T ruined it for me. I dislike contracts. Which is why I don’t really own cell phones. My firend bought a iPhone and was allowed to activate it as a pay as you go, without signing a contract. He is still using it as that today. He just pays $50 every month, and at any time he can cancel without paying a termination fee. He get unlimited data with that as well.

That sounded great for me. When I tried to sign up with that, AT&T wouldn’t let me. They just changed the specs. So, I was forced to get a contract. I did with the intention to cancel if i didn’t like it.

At first it was great having internet everywhere. But as time went on, the pages were so slow on Edge. Great on WIFI.

The iPhone was a awesome iPod. It really was. But it was a horrible smart phone. My gmail had no folder management. It also had so much trouble syncing with gmail. Sometimes I would get messages, and other times I wouldn’t. The talk volume was so low. There was no way to turn it up either. It was at the highest setting.

At that point I didn’t want a 2 year deal so I canceled, and return the iPhone.

I’ll tell you what though. If they lower the price, keep the SAME design, and drop the Phone functions, I would buy one again in no time. I just returned it today, and I miss it already. This was my first Apple product, and most likely would won’t be my last.

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I was at the King of Prussia Apple store today returning my first ever Apple purchase, the iPhone. I will write a little review about using a iPhone as a tablet, in the upcoming days.

Anyway, while at the Apple Store, while waiting to get my refund, I notice some Apple techs using a HP Windows XP tower to help with troubleshooting a broken Apple machine.

It was a really weird scene to see Windows XP in a Apple store. I know you can use XP on Apple machines, but to see a HP branded desktop, was weird. Almost as weird as me being in the Apple store.

I’m a strong Windows guy.

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