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I just traveled to the King of Prussia store, and learned that IF you are in your 14 day return period, bring in your iPhone and receipt, and they will refund the difference of $200.

What was I doing at the Apple store you may ask…I don’t know…. 🙂


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Apple, has shook things up!!!

Today they announced new iPods, Nanos and the brand new iPod Tocuh!!!


Starting at $299 for 4gb, and $399 for 8Gb. It has everything the iPhone has except, no phone, and no camera. Other then that, it’s sweet!!!!

Also, in other huge news, they lowered the price of the iPhone to $399 for 8GB!! Wow, $200 drop in two months. I want to know if the 4gb is now $299??? They didn’t mention that.

Way to go Apple!!!

 EDIT:  Yes, I just confirmed, the 4GB is $299! Once their gone, their gone for good!

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Jenneth Orantia from Gear Diary think UMPCs are great. Don’t beleive me, click the link. I happen to agree. I just wish UMPCs would drop the huge space around the screen, and went to all screen.

Check out the article!

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