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Well, well well… Chris Pirillo gets an iPhone. Even after all of the bashing of the iPhone he still ends up with one. But he claims it wasn’t his fault.


His wife bought him a 8GB iPhone for his birthday, and he tried to play it off like he didn’t really want one. Even in his video, he opens bashing the iPhone, but in the end, he’s switch from a Samsung Blackjack to the iPhone.

Why? Why not return it if you don’t want it? Why switch? It makes no sense at all. Why act like you don’t want it?

I like Chris, I think he’s real entertaining, but just come out and say you bought the iPhone, because you wanted to. Your not force to use it. Even after bashing the iPhone, there would of been nothing wrong with admitting that the iPhone could still be for you.

EDIT: Even though I still don’t understand why he acted like he didn’t want one, I will admit, I somewhat shadowed my purchase, as well.

I realized last night, that I’m a hippocratic, because when I bought the iPhone, I was telling people that my wife surprised me with it for my birthday. She did buy it, but it was no surprise. The only reason I told people that, was to justify the price, in some way.


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Test from iGoogle Post

One reason why I returned the iPhone was due to not being able to post from WordPress. When I tried with the iPhone, it would not pop up the keyboard and let me select the WordPress text box. So this would be really cool, if this worked from iGoogle.

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This is a loaded question for me. Because over the past four years, I have owned over 80 different computers. Everything ranging from tablets, to notebooks, UMPCs, etc… But the reasoning I kept giving was, I was just trying to see if each one was a fit for me.

At least that is what I was telling myself.

In my life, I never smoked, never did drugs, nor drink. BUT, I was addicted to something. I was addicted to…


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One week down, and many more to come, I hope. This has been a really interesting week, so let’s rank the Top Posts of the Week.

  1. Apple Store using Windows XP Machines?
  2. Why I Returned the iPhone
  3. About
  4. UMPCs and the Consumer Market
  5. Sumocat Blogs in Ink for Two Years
  6. Kevin Tofel and Matt Miller(Again) Succumb to the iPhone
  7. A Little About Myself
  8. How Do You Carry Your Headphones, with the Apple iPhone?
  9. Hugo Ortega Reviews the EveRun UMPC

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I still miss my iPhone, I really do. But one thing I couldn’t figure out was, how to carry the head phones with the iPhone. Since it was an awesome iPod, you needed headphones to go with it. However, when you wrap the headphones around the iPhone, it was a pain to deal with. To use the device meant, unwrapping the iPhone even if I didn’t want to listen to music.

I started to put the iPhone in my one pocket, and the headphones in the other. However, there were some nights I would forget to take out the headphones.

So how do you carry your headphones with your Apple iPhone?

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Just read on http://jkontherun.blogs.com/jkontherun/2007/07/it-was-the-cons.html that Kevin Tofel just bought an iPhone. For the longest time Kevin tried and tried to stay away from the iPhone, but he was eventually seduced by the commercials. Even though the commercials didn’t do anything for me, seeing the iPhone in person did. However, 12 days later I returned it.

Matt Miller bought the iPhone on June 29th, when it was released. However, 14 days later he returned it. He wrote an article called Apple seems to have forgotten the phone in the iPhone and that was that.

But today, he was seduced again by the dark…er…Apple side and once again now owns a iPhone. He ended up paying $60 more for it, since he had to pay a restocking fee on the first he returned.

I loved the iPhone, however, to me it wasn’t really clicking, and I felt it was too expensive. Both Kevin and Matt, are heavy Windows Mobile users, so it will be interesting to see who still has the iPhone in 14 days(The end of the return period).

Right now, I think Kevin will return it, with the reason of his UMPC + Windows Dash does everything the iPhone does and more. However, I think Matt will keep the iPhone this time around, rather then return it.

We will see…

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I love UMPCS. I do. However, I don’t think there is any major money to be had, in the consumer market. I wish there was, but I don’t think it’s there.

I don’t know one person I meet who wants a UMPC. People I meet think UMPCs look cool, but when I asked them if they would want one, they all say no. The consumer market just doesn’t use computers enough to warrant a UMPC. A $600 notebook to them is fine enough for there uses.

My argument was, “Well you can take it everywhere.” And their response, “Why?”. They just don’t need a UMPC in their life everywhere they go. I think most in the consumer market think the same.

I really wish this wasn’t true, but I think it is.

My question is if you own a UMPC, where do you take it? The park? Shopping? Do you really need to take it with you?  I’m talking about the consumer side, not corporate.

I guess my main question is, why should the consumer buy a UMPC?

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