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Why I Returned the iPhone

Frank Ctitanic(aka..Mr. NEWLY MVP) asked why I returned the iPhone.

I bought it with the intention to keep it. I don’t own a cell phone. All the PDAs I ever used were used as PDAs. I didn’t really ever want a cell phone.

When the iPhone came out, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it or keep it. But after spending about 45 minutes with one, I really enjoyed it. The text typing was awesome, and I didn’t think it would be.

I bought one, and was loving it. But AT&T ruined it for me. I dislike contracts. Which is why I don’t really own cell phones. My firend bought a iPhone and was allowed to activate it as a pay as you go, without signing a contract. He is still using it as that today. He just pays $50 every month, and at any time he can cancel without paying a termination fee. He get unlimited data with that as well.

That sounded great for me. When I tried to sign up with that, AT&T wouldn’t let me. They just changed the specs. So, I was forced to get a contract. I did with the intention to cancel if i didn’t like it.

At first it was great having internet everywhere. But as time went on, the pages were so slow on Edge. Great on WIFI.

The iPhone was a awesome iPod. It really was. But it was a horrible smart phone. My gmail had no folder management. It also had so much trouble syncing with gmail. Sometimes I would get messages, and other times I wouldn’t. The talk volume was so low. There was no way to turn it up either. It was at the highest setting.

At that point I didn’t want a 2 year deal so I canceled, and return the iPhone.

I’ll tell you what though. If they lower the price, keep the SAME design, and drop the Phone functions, I would buy one again in no time. I just returned it today, and I miss it already. This was my first Apple product, and most likely would won’t be my last.


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