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Sumocat threw me a topic. Thanks a lot Sumocat! I was enjoying my non-writing day! You see, I gave myself off today, since yesterday, I spent hours, and hours writing a masterpiece called:

How many trees have you saved with a Tablet PC?

And now, on my day off you have the nerve to throw something back at me to write. Geez, I ready don’t want to, but I guess I have to…(Joking Of Course)

You want to know what gadgets I use on a daily basis? I think my answer may surprise you…



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Think about it. How many tress have you saved with your Tablet PC? Without your Tablet PC, all of the ink notes you taken, would of been taken on paper. Every single entry in your tablet, would of been written on a tree. I ask again, how many trees have you saved? To discover the answer, we need to take a journey back in time. Back before we had Tablet PCs.

How, you ask?

Care to step in my time machine?


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On jkontherun.com, James wrote a very well written article called:

JK opinion- Vista will never run well on mobile devices

Even though I enjoyed his article, I must disagree. In the comments section, Ctitanic of http://ultramobilepc-tips.blogspot.com/ wrote this comment:

“Guys, I don’t know what you are talking about. Yesterday I was working in my Q1 and I was thinking for myself, I’m so happy with Vista responds time in my Q1 that I’m afraid to move on to any of the new coming UMPCs.

I have been optimizing it, but not so deep as others. I do not have any more those HDD bashing. The only thing that I would improve would be the time to come back from Hibernation but I have to say also that I have a lot of programs working in my taskbar and around 70 process running all time.

And that’s in a Q1 Celeron running at 900 MHz. I tested Vista in a eo v7110 (VIA). It was slow and once the beta expired and have not comeback to Vista, I stayed in XP because I considered Vista too much for that processor. But… I had only 1 GB in that machine while in my Q1 I have 2 GB. And I mention this RAM difference because believe me, Vista does not run well in 1 GB of RAM. The performance is increased a lot just by adding that extra gibabyte.

In conclusion, I think that Vista is perfect for UMPCs but… it has to be optimized. I think that Microsoft should create some kind of optimization profiles where people can select what is better for them. And I say this because I’m that James, Kevin and other people reading our blogs can follow our optimization instructions but that’s probably 10% or less of all consumers.”

I must say I agree 100% with him on this one. This was my comment:


Your forgetting that when XP was released, people spent tons of time trying to optimizing it because it had it’s problems. Heck, when my parents bought a new notebook last year, I had to spend time turning certain things off to optimized XP.

Up to this point I’m enjoying Vista. I spend about 20 minutes turning certain things off, but once I done that, I have Vista running just as well as it did on XP. And the notebook is a Acer Celeron M 1.5, with 512MB!!!! Yes it’s Vista Basic, but Vista runs with no problems. I have no problems connecting to the network. I have no problems surfing the net.

I believe Vista will be there one day. But I think Microsoft should of created another version of Vista. Vista for Mobile(or Smaller) machines. Ultimate, Business, Premium, MOBILE, and Basic.”

My wife owns a Acer Notebook that we purchased in March. The specs are as follows: Celeron M 1.5, 512MB. Vista Basic.

When we bought the machine the sales man kept trying to upsale us to a higher priced machine. His pitch was, that this machine is too slow for Vista. After he finally gave up he recommended we get another 512MB of ram. I was planning on, but not just yet.

When I first started to use the machine, is was slooooooooooooooooow.

Applications took forever to open. However, after spending about 20 minutes, turning off features my wife did not need, the machine was performing with no speed problems at all. Was it super fast? No. But it was perfect for my wife.

I do plan on upgrading the ram to 1GB at some point, but for now, this has been one of her favorite computers to date.

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I don’t know what to post

To get a post out, I’m going to post about nothing. Yup, that’s right, it’s about nothing. I have nothing to post about, so I’ll post about nothing.

I mean, I guess I could come up with something, but I’ll stick to nothing. Besides, it worked for Seinfeld.

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Today, marks this blog one month old. Whoo hoo! Yey!!!!!

Boy this is great… But on the other hand, I haven’t been writing much and my site gets as many hits as a two door one handle garage!

I barley get 4 a day! I remember when there was a time I got 549 views in one day…

Yes, it was July 17th, 2007. When I released:

Apple Store using Windows XP Machines?

Which was true. But I was unable to follow that up with anything good. Even my good buddy, Johnny Splitshispants, said I should hang it up.

But I won’t! Why, because I’m the Underdog, you see. And it’s ain’t over until I…I mean, It ain’t over until we think…no, I mean it’s ain’t over til it’s over.

And it’s ain’t over….

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I just discovered a new site called Justin TV. It’s a site full of live webstreams of people. No, no, no, it’s not cam girls teasing you for a price. No, it’s regular people and their daily lives.

Like today, I watched Justin eat lunch in real time. Boy that was cool. Well, it was kind of cool, right? Ok, it was not cool at all.  I mean, I watched  somebody eat lunch their lunch. Maybe if I ate lunch at the same time, I could say, I sat down with Justin and ate lunch with him.

Or not.

My question is could live streaming, of people eating lunch, staring at computers, and reading be fun?

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My vacation is officially over. I don’t want it to be, but I can’t control time, so it has ended. It was a fun filled vacation and much better then last year.

I and the wife, traveled to Woodloch, PA for a family vacation. Upon arriving we were met with a Spaghetti dinner, and a night with her family.

Woodloch is a mountainous, outdoors place with plenty of activities. They had hiking, go carts, bumper cars, batting cages, horse shoes, shuffle board, skeet shotting, and many more.

We did everything we could do, and I loved every minute. We also attended two nightly shows. The first was a fun filled horse racing night for adults and kids. Real horses weren’t racing.  A man would roll dice, to see which horse would win the race. We had so much fun, and my wife hit two out of three races.

The second show, consisted of music from around the world. I was a bit bored, but others looked like they enjoyed it.

But my all time favorite is when we took a trip to the waterfalls. I think I snapped some amazing pictures. Me and the wife will return one day, as it was a amazing experience.

Here are photos from the trip:


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