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I don’t know what to post

To get a post out, I’m going to post about nothing. Yup, that’s right, it’s about nothing. I have nothing to post about, so I’ll post about nothing.

I mean, I guess I could come up with something, but I’ll stick to nothing. Besides, it worked for Seinfeld.


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Today, marks this blog one month old. Whoo hoo! Yey!!!!!

Boy this is great… But on the other hand, I haven’t been writing much and my site gets as many hits as a two door one handle garage!

I barley get 4 a day! I remember when there was a time I got 549 views in one day…

Yes, it was July 17th, 2007. When I released:

Apple Store using Windows XP Machines?

Which was true. But I was unable to follow that up with anything good. Even my good buddy, Johnny Splitshispants, said I should hang it up.

But I won’t! Why, because I’m the Underdog, you see. And it’s ain’t over until I…I mean, It ain’t over until we think…no, I mean it’s ain’t over til it’s over.

And it’s ain’t over….

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I’m just on vacation. Me and the wife headed up to Woodloch, PA for a relaxing and fun vacation up the mountains. When I get a chance I’ll post pictures. I really do’t have the net up there.

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One week down, and many more to come, I hope. This has been a really interesting week, so let’s rank the Top Posts of the Week.

  1. Apple Store using Windows XP Machines?
  2. Why I Returned the iPhone
  3. About
  4. UMPCs and the Consumer Market
  5. Sumocat Blogs in Ink for Two Years
  6. Kevin Tofel and Matt Miller(Again) Succumb to the iPhone
  7. A Little About Myself
  8. How Do You Carry Your Headphones, with the Apple iPhone?
  9. Hugo Ortega Reviews the EveRun UMPC

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Here I go again. This is my 4th blog in 3 years. Each time I start a new blog my time keeps on getting shorter, and shorter on keeping it. For some reason(I know why, but won’t disclose it), I just get bored with things very quickly and move on. Sometimes I try to come back, but to no avail, I never do.

Will this time be any different? I don’t know. I would love to say it will be. I would love to tell you right to your face(Through the screen, of course) I WILL KEEP THIS GOING. But judging by my past, I can’t do that. Because of this my family has come up with odds on how long I will keep this going(Lovely people).

1-1 A week

2-1 Less then a week

3-1 Two weeks

5-1 Three weeks

10-1 One month

15-1 Two months

50-1 More then three months

Right now, my short term goal is to last a week. Once I do that, I’ll bump my goal.

Can I go the distance of three months? I don’t know. It all depends if my mind let’s me.

That’s why I named this blog The Underdog..

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