Today, marks this blog one month old. Whoo hoo! Yey!!!!!

Boy this is great… But on the other hand, I haven’t been writing much and my site gets as many hits as a two door one handle garage!

I barley get 4 a day! I remember when there was a time I got 549 views in one day…

Yes, it was July 17th, 2007. When I released:

Apple Store using Windows XP Machines?

Which was true. But I was unable to follow that up with anything good. Even my good buddy, Johnny Splitshispants, said I should hang it up.

But I won’t! Why, because I’m the Underdog, you see. And it’s ain’t over until I…I mean, It ain’t over until we think…no, I mean it’s ain’t over til it’s over.

And it’s ain’t over….


I just discovered a new site called Justin TV. It’s a site full of live webstreams of people. No, no, no, it’s not cam girls teasing you for a price. No, it’s regular people and their daily lives.

Like today, I watched Justin eat lunch in real time. Boy that was cool. Well, it was kind of cool, right? Ok, it was not cool at all.  I mean, I watched  somebody eat lunch their lunch. Maybe if I ate lunch at the same time, I could say, I sat down with Justin and ate lunch with him.

Or not.

My question is could live streaming, of people eating lunch, staring at computers, and reading be fun?

My vacation is officially over. I don’t want it to be, but I can’t control time, so it has ended. It was a fun filled vacation and much better then last year.

I and the wife, traveled to Woodloch, PA for a family vacation. Upon arriving we were met with a Spaghetti dinner, and a night with her family.

Woodloch is a mountainous, outdoors place with plenty of activities. They had hiking, go carts, bumper cars, batting cages, horse shoes, shuffle board, skeet shotting, and many more.

We did everything we could do, and I loved every minute. We also attended two nightly shows. The first was a fun filled horse racing night for adults and kids. Real horses weren’t racing.  A man would roll dice, to see which horse would win the race. We had so much fun, and my wife hit two out of three races.

The second show, consisted of music from around the world. I was a bit bored, but others looked like they enjoyed it.

But my all time favorite is when we took a trip to the waterfalls. I think I snapped some amazing pictures. Me and the wife will return one day, as it was a amazing experience.

Here are photos from the trip:


I sure did get a lot of feedback for this past article: Apple Store using Windows XP Machines?

But is this part II? It seems gizmo.com is reporting that the iPhone displays in At&t run on windows XP. Don’t believe me? Check it out: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/two-worlds-collide/oops-iphone-display-needs-to-reboot-runs-windows-xp-285151.php

iPhone XP

I’m just on vacation. Me and the wife headed up to Woodloch, PA for a relaxing and fun vacation up the mountains. When I get a chance I’ll post pictures. I really do’t have the net up there.

Well, well well… Chris Pirillo gets an iPhone. Even after all of the bashing of the iPhone he still ends up with one. But he claims it wasn’t his fault.


His wife bought him a 8GB iPhone for his birthday, and he tried to play it off like he didn’t really want one. Even in his video, he opens bashing the iPhone, but in the end, he’s switch from a Samsung Blackjack to the iPhone.

Why? Why not return it if you don’t want it? Why switch? It makes no sense at all. Why act like you don’t want it?

I like Chris, I think he’s real entertaining, but just come out and say you bought the iPhone, because you wanted to. Your not force to use it. Even after bashing the iPhone, there would of been nothing wrong with admitting that the iPhone could still be for you.

EDIT: Even though I still don’t understand why he acted like he didn’t want one, I will admit, I somewhat shadowed my purchase, as well.

I realized last night, that I’m a hippocratic, because when I bought the iPhone, I was telling people that my wife surprised me with it for my birthday. She did buy it, but it was no surprise. The only reason I told people that, was to justify the price, in some way.

One reason why I returned the iPhone was due to not being able to post from WordPress. When I tried with the iPhone, it would not pop up the keyboard and let me select the WordPress text box. So this would be really cool, if this worked from iGoogle.